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Shifting Religious Concepts (SRC) acts as a beacon, illuminating the choices for those who did not realize they have options. We exist to establish a footprint within those who have forgotten who they are and perhaps even why they exist. We intend to put forward topics that develop in each person a sense of the Real Self that exists beyond every individual personality. We are inspired to offer information that could shift religious concepts in and within those who primarily reside in the deep south. We are encouraged to release the invisible bonds of religion that have held the Mind and Heart captive for too many lifetimes. The Bible is a tool that SRC utilizes to shine a light on truths hidden under the disguise of religion; however, we also share knowledge from various publications.

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Why would we be inspired to invest in you gaining knowledge?

Love has guided our hearts in this matter.  It is the power of God who is Love that is guiding SRC.  We take joy in being obedient and vibrating within this higher energy. 
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